Distribution Board – BS EN 61439-3
Switch Disconnector – BS EN 60947-3
RCCB – BS EN 61008
MCB – BS EN 60898
RCBO – BS EN 61009
AFDD – BS EN 62606 & BS EN 61009-1
Contactors – BS EN 61095

This product is available as Factory Built Assembly fully populated with Surge suppression and metering

The Dorman Smith Loadlimiter 63 SP&N Distribution board system is designed for applications demanding up to 125A incoming supply and up to 63A outgoing capacity. Modular devices such as surge protection and metering can be housed in a matching service centre mounted above or underneath the main distribution board.

These boards can be converted to install AFDDs directly onto the busbar system.


Key Features:

  • 125A Rated busbar system
  • Matching add-on enclosures
  • Surge suppression and metering available as Factory Built Assembly
  • Boards can be converted to house AFDD directly onto busbar


Incoming Device Options:

  • AV Switch Disconnector 2-Pole 100A or 125A
  • EE RCCB 2-Pole up to 100A 30mA


Outgoing Device Options:

  • K MCB 10kA 1-Pole B, C & D Type 6A to 63A
  • KR RCBO 10kA 1-Pole B&C Type 6A to 50A, 30mA
  • KR RCBO 10kA 1-Pole C Type 6A to 40A, 100mA
  • MAR AFDD 6kA 1-Pole B&C Type 6A to 40A, 30mA

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