Modis 25 Powerboard

Modis 25 Powerboard

Product Details

The Modis 25 Powerboard system has been dual designed to not only be a flexible and cost effective standalone Low Voltage Switchboard system but it also is fully compatible with our current Modis 25 Switchboard system as a compact outgoing frame section.

Key features
• Verified to BS EN 61439-2
• ASTA certified busbar and central riser system with a fault rating of 50kA for 1 second and current ratings of 1250A or 1600A
• Form 4b Type 6 as standard
• Group and compartmentalized options available
• MCCB Incomer device rated up to 1400A
• Accepts the Loadline YA3 Electronic MCCBs up to 250A
• Each outgoing device can be metered using the new Quick2Fit metering system

• Switchboard BS EN 61439-2
• MCCB BS EN 60947-2
• Fuse Combination Switch BS EN 60947-3
• IP3X to IEC 60529




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