Modis 12 Ultra

Modis 12 Ultra

Product Details

The flexible modular concept of Modis 12 Ultra allows design and build of distribution systems that meet the exact power expectations and space limitations of individual schemes up to 1250A. Utilising MCB, MCCB and fuse combination unit technology, Modis 12 Ultra offers an extensive range of incomers, busbars, interconnections, service centres, MCB distribution boards and ancillary devices which are easily assembled in a variety of switchboard configurations.

Key features
• ASTA Certified 4-pole horizontal copper busbar system
• Short circuit withstand rating of 25kA for 1 second for 630A and 50kA for 1 second for 1250A
• New enclosures added to house the Loadline YB1, YA5 and YA8 devices
• Rationalised copper busbar connections for dual use on 630A and 1250A versions
• Metering can be achieved using the new Quick2Fit metering system
• Extensive range of add-on accessories available such as; hinged cableway doors for metering, surge suppression units, box extension collars and main earth bars.

• Distribution System EN 61439-2
• MCCBs EN 60947-2
• Loadswitches EN 60947-3

Additional Information Available:
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