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Modis 25/32 LV Switchboard system offers the complete solution for power distribution for any project requiring a floor standing switchboard. Horizontal busbars up to 3200A and fault ratings of up to 80kA for 1 second

Modis 25 Powerboard is a flexible and cost effective standalone LV switchboard system. The product is also compatible with the Modis 25/32 as a compact outgoing frame section. Busbar ratings 1250A or 1600A fault rating 50kA for 1 second.

Modis 12 Ultra is a popular wall mounted modular system. Busbars up to 1250A, short circuit withstand rating of 25kA for 1 second for 630A and 50kA for 1 second for 1250A. Switchboard systems are verified to the EN 61439-2 standard.

Specification Switchboard Design Enquiries Dorman Smith can help you with your budgets and tenders for LV Switchgear. We can give you a footprint of the LV Switchboard early in the design process; the drawing gives you useful cost, dimensional and specification details. This information can be used to evolve the design over time. If you have a scheme that you would like us to look at click on the link and fill in the enquiry form.

Loadbank 125 has seven sizes of panel board, with busbar ratings of 250A and 400A and short-circuit withstand ratings of 25kA for 1 second and 25kA for 3 seconds for the 400A.

Loadbank 200 is a modular fuse switch panel board, up to 800A incoming device and 200A outgoing devices. Available in 6 or 10 TP&N outgoing ways.

Loadbank 250 is a modular panel board system offering flexibility and build simplicity. The busbar sizes are 400 and 800A with 6, 12 or 18 outgoing ways available.

Metering and surge suppression products are available for all panel board ranges. All panel boards comply to the 61439-1 standard.

The Loadlimiter 63 distribution board system is available as a single pole and neutral and triple pole and neutral distribution board. The product has a versatile range of mcb boards and components for constructing comprehensive circuit management solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

Complies to EN 61439-3

Factory built Lighting and power options are available.

Loadpro Consumer unit range, five sizes are available with main switch, RCCB, split load, twin RCCB and high integrity products. Surge, metered and specials can be configured.

Complies to Amendment No.3 to BS 7671.

10/15kA Miniature circuit breakers, B, C and D Type up to 63A. 10kA Type A Single module RCBO’s. RCCB’s 2-pole, 4-pole Up to 100A with 30ma, 100ma and time delayed versions.

From 16A 25kA to 1600A 85kA. Wide range of frame sizes available to suit all applications. Wide range of accessories available including; shunt trips, UVR’s, Shrouds, rotary handles and extension terminals.


Fuse Combination Units The range includes skeleton switches, housed switches and switch disconnectors from 32A to 800A.

Surge suppression Type I and II Surge suppression devices available for all distribution board ranges.

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