LoadPro now available with built in Surge Protection

LoadPro now available with built in Surge Protection

Dorman Smith are pleased to announce the launch of the new LoadPro range of Consumer Units fitted with a surge protection device to meet the 18th edition requirements for transient over voltage protection in the UK.

The units have all of the features and benefits of the standard LoadPro units with the addition of an integral Type 2 SPD fitted and connected. The SPD is also available as a loose item with or without cable connections and replacement plug-in modules are also available.

These new factory built units address regulation 443.4 of the 18th edition which states that protection is to be provided in the circumstances where the transient over-voltages could cause:

  • Serious injury to, or loss of, human life
  • Interruption of public services
  • Interruption of industrial and commercial activities
  • Damage to cultural heritage
  • An effect on a large number of individuals at one location

For all other cases a risk assessment must be carried out to determine if protection against over-voltages is necessary. An exemption may apply for single dwellings if the total value of the electrical installation and equipment does not justify the provision. If a risk assessment is not carried out then over-voltage protection must be provided.

The type 2 surge protection device provided is suitable for TN and TT earthing systems.

Dorman Smith are able to offer factory built variations to the above, please speak to your local Key Account Manager for more information and quotation.